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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Book Launches of Journeys of Hope

Proud to be able to celebrate with the editing, translation and design team (Sarah Ling, Szu Shen, and Baldwin Wong) the publication of Journeys of Hope: Challenging Discrimination and Building On Vancouver Chinatown's Legacies, on December 3rd at UBC, and December 5 in Chinatown at UBC Chinatown's new office at 188 East Pender Street at Chinatown House.

This book is the official publication in hardcover of the commemorative softcover version that was given out on April 22, 2018, the day of the City's formal apology for historical discrimination against the Chinese in Vancouver.

We will be having a pair of Book Launch events. The first is on Monday, December 3, from 4:00-5:30pm at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC campus:
Journeys of Hope captures the story of how early Chinese migrants helped transform societies around the world, and how Chinatowns throughout Canada and the Pacific region are the living legacies of that transformation.

Please RSVP for Dec. 3 at UBC:

On Wednesday, December 5, from 5:00-7:00pm we will be celebrating in Chinatown at the brand new UBC Chinatown space next to the City of Vancouver's Chinatown Transformation Team in Chinatown House at 188 East Pender Street:

Please RSVP for Dec. 5 in Chinatown House on 188 E. Pender at:

UBC Chinatown provides a strategic hub for partnerships between UBC and Chinatown community stakeholders. Our mission is to: foster and enhance relationships between UBC and Chinatown; ensure UBC initiatives build upon pre-existing resources and expertise; reduce unintended negative impacts on Chinatown communities from UBC initiatives; and support potential research and learning initiatives in Chinatown involving UBC units.

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