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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sold! CBC Podcast Series about Race and Vancouver Real Estate

Happy to see that the podcast hosted by Stephen Quinn and produced by Bal Brach has found a wide audience. I was honoured to be one of the interviewees who took part in this thoughtful and in-depth examination of how the debate over foreign investment and the speculative real estate market in Vancouver has been obscured by misunderstandings about the history of race and white supremacy in British Columbia.




CBC Vancouver journalist Stephen Quinn's love letter/Dear John letter to the city he once adored. SOLD! lays bare the anguish and the impact of the housing crisis as it threatens to rip the city apart. Stephen explores the role foreign investment plays in all of this and whether we have a hope of solving it. Relationship Status: It's complicated. 
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Episode 6- ‘Winning?’ 

Could foreign investment in B.C. real estate be good for the people who live and work here? Beyond the wealth accumulated by fortunate home owners, can the win-fall generated by a booming housing industry benefit us all? 
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[mp3 file: runs 00:37:56]

Episode 5 - Dirty money 

Casinos. Corruption. Money Laundering. Loan Sharking. Fraud and fentanyl. The tentacles of illicit foreign funds reach deep into the heart of Vancouver’s housing market.
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[mp3 file: runs 00:34:44]

Episode 4 - Selling B.C. 

How politicians, realtors, and developers marketed British Columbia to the world. They wanted us to be a 'world class' destination for investors. Now we are. Was it a mistake to woo international money into the Vancouver market?
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Episode 3 - History 

Foreign investment in Vancouver real estate isn't new. We explore the history of foreign money in the market. 
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Episode 2 - The Race Card 

The conversation should be focused on the flow of foreign capital. But has it become an attack on immigrants? Politicians and developers cynically conflate the issue while Chinese Canadians experience the tension.
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[mp3 file: runs 00:37:35]

Episode 1 - The Break-up 

A story of greed, race and love that goes to the heart of the fight over foreign capital in housing. The backdrop is Vancouver’s real estate boom as we shine a light on the impact the affordability crisis is having on our relationship with our city. 
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Coming soon...A CBC Vancouver original podcast that explores how foreign investment in real estate divides community, class and culture. Veteran Vancouver journalist Stephen Quinn asks who can stay? 
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