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Monday, June 22, 2015

Why should the youth living in Vancouver and Hong Kong care about afford...

Proud of the work that our students in History 482 did these past two months. This is one of the three films that were made. This group's work focused on housing affordability in Vancouver and Hong Kong and why it should be of special concern to youth. Many thanks to the research assistants Alyssa Leung and Joanna Yang, both of whom were former students in the class who came back to help the students this year. Thanks also to Profs. Cecilia Chu and Christina Lo of Hong Kong University, and their students, for taking part in the exchange with our UBC students; to the HKU Shanghai Study Centre and their faculty and staff for hosting us in Shanghai; to Rocky Dang, Wanda Huang, and Dr. Selia Tan of the Cangdong Education Center in Kaiping, Guangdong, China for showing us the historic diaolou and villages of the area; and to all of the guest lecturers and interviewees who helped our students in their projects.

Why should the youth living in Vancouver and Hong Kong care about affordable housing?
Directed by: Emma Coffin, Adam Gold, Larissa Lau, Stephanie Nguyen, Samantha Truong, Tony Wan
Edited by: Tony Wan

Special thanks to Prof. Yu, our TAs Alyssa Leung, Joanna Yang, The University of British Columbia, and The University of Hong Kong.

As well as to all our interviewees: Jane Shi, Mandy Lau (, Leo Huang, Gary Tse, Tiago De Souza Jensen, Fraser Doke, John Carroll (, King Mong Chan (, Phoenix Winter, Patricia Chan, Sid Chow Tan, Constance Barnes (, Thor Boe, Kevin Pi, Jim Jiang, Jacqueline Lau, Yin Lun Chan.

Steering by Stars Closer
Insatiable Toad by Blue Dot Sessions
Charge into 2015 by Dexter Britain
Wait For Me by Aaron Mist
Intermezzo by Podington Bear

Data References:
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Coalition of Progressive Electors, 2014
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